Lorraine Young, Naturopathic Practitioner


Naturopathic wellness is a distinct form of wellness that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of healing. It is the art and science of natural healing using traditional methods, proactive prevention, comprehensive assessment and wellness education based on the each individual.  All aspects of the person are taken into account - mental, physical and environmental. The guiding principles are focused on - do no harm, the healing power of nature, identify and treat the cause,  treat the whole person, healer as teacher.​​

Please note: While Lorraine Young, is a licensed Naturopath in both the United States and Canada (State of Vermont license #099.0120656, Province of British Columbia license #00272 - registered as non-practising in BC), the State of North Carolina does not currently license or recognize licensed Naturopaths. The NCANP is committed to changing the licensing status of Naturopaths in the state of North Carolina. 20 states and 5 provinces have licensure for Naturopaths.

"Your body's ability to heal is powerful - Naturopathic wellness facilitates that healing response."